Enterprise vehicle fuel consumption monitoring what to achieve?

As everybody is aware of of items in the logistics and transportation process administration and cargo protection problems are the most focus, Hisamichi truck digital lock is made to remedy the trucking goods in accordance to get ready in accordance to journey defense to spot, and total control of merchandise simple safety.

  Application scope of electronic lock for extended truck: 
Suited for transporting goods to the vacation electronic seal device location appropriate after cargo. Extended truck digital lock with existing working day info systems for the proprietor to give a complete assortment of fret expense-free of charge cargo safeguarded transportation expertise.
  Long truck electronic lock two main functions 1 the proprietor can ahead of the arrival of the goods at the location, the freight vehicle management program or Application at any time truck path, examining the transportation of goods, to hold abreast of the freight vehicle and the cargo in the logistics and transportation procedure of merchandise in transit and security connected information.
  2 non regular leads to any delay, modify route of non all-natural causes, there are unauthorized tends to make an endeavor to steal items this kind of as truck electronic lock by way of truck steward method or App can be speedily identified to just take corresponding protective actions. In purchase to improve the precision and timeliness of source of objects and make confident the fundamental security of merchandise.
  3 real time alarm perform when the truck digital lock is not authorized to pry the lock electronic lock will be real-time by signifies of the developed-in GSM module alarm to the background, to stop the loss of merchandise.
  Hisamichi Wulian (Jointech) and belongs to the cold chain transportation container examining, distant monitoring, obtaining concrete auto scheduling administration, gasoline use checking and management, examining and administration of cell property is the industry’s foremost reply vendors and operators.

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