Which brand is the logistics electronic lock brand good?

As everybody is conscious of products in the logistics and transportation strategy administration and cargo security problems are the most curiosity, Hisamichi truck electronic lock is designed to treatment the trucking goods in accordance to approach in accordance to vacation fundamental basic safety to spot, and complete management of products security.

  Application scope of electronic lock for prolonged truck: 
Perfect for transporting products to the place following shipment. Prolonged truck digital lock with up to date specifics technological innovation for the owner to give a whole range of be involved absolutely totally free cargo secure transportation encounter.
  Long truck digital lock two principal functions 1 the operator can prior to the arrival of the items at the spot, the freight car management method or App at any time truck path, examining the transportation of objects, to protect abreast of the freight car and the cargo in the logistics and transport method of products in transit and safety associated information.
  2 non typical provides about any keep off, adjust route of non organic and natural triggers, there are unauthorized attempts to steal items this kind of as truck electronic lock via truck steward system or App can be correct absent recognized to get corresponding safeguarding steps. In get to boost the precision and timeliness of delivery of goods and assure the protection of Fuel consumption monitoring managemen merchandise.
  3 genuine time alarm complete when the truck digital lock is not licensed to pry the lock electronic lock will be true-time through the made-in GSM module alarm to the background, to avert the drop of goods.
  Hisamichi Wulian (Jointech) and belongs to the chilly chain transportation container examining, remote checking, having concrete auto scheduling management, gasoline ingestion checking and administration, checking and administration of cellular possessions is the industry’s foremost treatment suppliers and operators.

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